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SIP Trunks provider in the UK

Reliable connectivity for your onsite phone system

Connect your VoIP compatible onsite phone system and save on line rentals and calls. We can also interconnect hosted mPBX with your onsite system, provide 03/0800 numbers via SIP trunk and offer inbound numbers from other countries.
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Bill Prepaid and postpaid billing models
Gears Assistance with configuration of your PBX
Gears G.711 (alaw or ulaw), G.729, G.722 codecs
UK map UK based service infrastructure
Up & down arrows Inbound and outbound
caller ID support
Handshake Risk free
14 day trial
Headphones Support for SIP protocol
Number porting Number porting. Port your numbers in or out.

SIP trunk rates & plans

SIP Trunk with
Unlimited* calls to majority of UK numbers
per channel /
per month   £49.99 inc VAT GBP
Microsoft Teams
  • Including UK Landline (01, 02, 03, 056); UK Mobile (O2, 3, Vodafone, EE, Orange, Virgin mobile) and UK 0800, 0808 numbers
  • Bonus offer:
    Free unlimited* calls to 50+ countries >
SIP Trunk with
Low monthly fee
and rated calls
per channel /
per month   99p inc VAT GBP
Microsoft Teams
  • Guaranteed high quality caller ID enabled routes

Call plans listed here are designed for general business use. Calls to 0800 or 0808 are free; Calls to UK-wide 03 geographic numbers are rated at the same rate as calls to any other geographical number.

Call Plans

inc VAT
UK landlines (01, 02, 03, 056) Rated per second. 1p min charge.
UK mobiles (O2, 3, Voda, EE, Orange, Virgin mobile) Rated per second. 1p min charge.
UK 0800, 0808
Minimum monthly spend to UK destinations
SIP TRUNK Basic Business
1p p/min
4.75p p/min
0p p/min
SIP TRUNK 25 Business
0.95p p/min
3.6p p/min
0p p/min
SIP TRUNK 100 Business
0.90p p/min
2.9p p/min
0p p/min
SIP TRUNK 250 Business
0.85p p/min
1.9p p/min
0p p/min

High call volumes?

We love competing! Please have a look at our special rates for call centres
or give us a call, tell us about your call volumes and we will provide you with an unbeatable offer.

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SIP Trunk Critical Information Summary

International Call Rates. Any unused call credit will rollover to the next billing cycle. In order to use the rollover value, the account must have a positive balance. A change of call plan will result in th*e loss of the unused rollover value. Published rates are per minute but billed per second. 1p minimum call charge apply. Call charges are rounded up to three decimal places.
Prices are in GBP inc. VAT.

Advanced functionality

SIP trunk service is part of our mPBX system. This enables some unique features to be configured that are not normally available for SIP trunk services.
Automated failover in the event of internet outages
Integration between onsite and Hosted PBX systems
Automated failover in the event of internet outages

SIP trunk object within mPBX can be configured in two different modes:

Diversion to SIP URI
This mode is useful if you want to send a call to the specified SIP address. SIP URI must be in the following format:
example: or 443333051330@
Create SIP registration
Register your SIP Server with us (e.g. connect your PBX to us).
Enjoy low VoIP rates and complete integration between your onsite and hosted mPBX systems.
Your PBX will be able to call users on our system or dial out to the world and mPBX users will be able to call extensions on your PBX.

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Independently monitored by, one of the leading independent network monitoring services with advanced reporting & notification systems.

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SIP trunking

Frequently asked questions

Hosted PBX phone system is a service provided online via the internet. It allows you to connect internet phones (VoIP phones) and make/receive phone calls. Hosted PBX also allows configuration of call-flow features to route calls using predefined rules to the required user/extension. TIBG provides an extensive feature set free of charge, including popular features like time of day call routing, voicemail to email, call queues, follow me, voice menus, call recording and much more...
Cloud PBX, IP telecommunications or Virtual office phone system: There are plenty of names for this technology in the telecommunications industry. PBX Stand for “Private Branch Exchange” and in the past allowed local communications within one building or office. A modern telephony service uses the internet to transmit voice and the PBX can be hosted in a data centre or in the cloud. It is basically a set of equipment and software that allows advanced Global call routing functionality.
PBX stands for Private Branch eXchange. In the past, due to a limited number of phone lines being connected to a building, the primary function of PBX was to allow internal calls between system users and for connection of more phones to the system than lines available. Lines were effectively shared among users via PBX. Modern technology nowadays, using VoIP, does not require traditional PSTN lines and uses data links instead. PBX is still widely used, although its primary function is now to improve call handling and user performance via advanced call routing features. Modern cloud PBX is effective software that controls digital voice data.
Hosted PBX is based on Voice over IP. In simple terms, your voice is encoded by the phone and transmitted via the internet to the server with cloud PBX Software. Hosted PBX server, in turn, can perform various tasks with the routing of your call and then pass it to upstream carriers for connection to the dialled destination. Most modern carriers connect to each other using IP data links. This allows for a better quality of sound, more security and reliability.
Unified communications is a set of tools that allow for more efficient communication within your team using various communication channels. Those can be chat, video calls, screen sharing sessions, conference calls, emails, sending files to each other, using various devices to communicate. With hosted PBX, you will be able to use part of the unified communication toolset like video calls, conference calls and email notifications. You can also look at our Microsoft Teams integration option to allow additional Unified communication channels like chat, screen sharing, file transfer and more.
VoIP (Voice over IP) requires data connection between your premises and our servers. In most cases, it would be the public internet. However, you only need a tiny amount of bandwidth – connection speed in order to use VoIP. Each channel requires 80Kbps (0.08 Mbps) or less if using a compressed codec – 0.03 Mbps. The quality of VoIP will highly depend on the reliability of your internet connection. It does not have to be very fast, but it must be reliable and stable. We also recommend using a dedicated internet link for setups with over 5 phones.
We have multiple solutions that can make sure you can continue to receive calls even when your internet goes down. You can have calls diverted to your mobile phone if you are offline, this way you can continue to receive calls without any internet. We can also set up multiple internet connections for redundancy so if one connection fails you can continue to use the other: 4G is great for this.
Simply speaking – it is better than using traditional phone lines. We use G722 (High Definition Voice Codec). The connection will be crystal clear compared to normal PSTN services. Also, unlike many other services, all our equipment is hosted locally, meaning that there will be no delays in voice transmission.
Our systems are optimized for reliability, not price. We guarantee 99.9% SLA backed uptime on all our systems. All parts of the system are fully redundant, meaning that there is no single point of failure. This is not just words, we use an independent monitoring company called to monitor our server uptime. Visit our system uptime page to check it out...
All our call plan pricing are based ‘per user’. Each user is linked to their own call plan. A single user can have more than one SIP device. Therefore if you want to have two phones, you would need to sign up for two users with one sip device for each user. If you have one user and two sip devices - you can only use one phone at one time. There are no ‘phone lines’ in VoIP, Instead, there are SIP devices, Users, Inbound phone numbers. Inbound phone numbers – are normal phone numbers people can dial. We don’t limit the number of simultaneous inbound calls you can receive on your phones for UK numbers.
We have client testimonials on our testimonials page but feel free to ask us for something more specific, like a company similar to your own and we will as if you can speak to someone direct...
Our head office is in Canterbury, United Kingdom with our servers located in a datacentre in Reading (Berkshire).
Almost all UK telephone numbers can be ported into our system. Any UK numbers that we provide, or are ported into our service, can be ported to another provider as long as that provider is willing/able to take on the number.
PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. It is a term used to describe traditional copper phone lines. PSTN services are dying off nowadays due to new VoIP based technology and in the UK, at the end of December 2025, traditional telephony, including fixed lines and services in the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off and withdrawn from service - VoIP is the future...

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Number Porting

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International call rates

International call rates

Only Direct, Premium CLI enabled routes

Australia - Sydney
£0.02 GBP
Canada - Ontario Southern
£0.02 GBP
Chile - Santiago
£0.02 GBP
China - Beijing
£0.23 GBP
Germany - Berlin
£0.02 GBP
India - Delhi
£0.024 GBP
Ireland - Dublin
£0.02 GBP
Israel - Tel Aviv
£0.02 GBP
Italy - Rome
£0.02 GBP
Japan - Tokyo
£0.025 GBP
New Zealand - Auckland
£0.023 GBP
Romania - Bucharest
£0.02 GBP
£0.02 GBP
Spain - Barcelona
£0.02 GBP
Switzerland - Zurich
£0.038 GBP
£0.02 GBP

Enter the phone number you wish to call to find the rate

Number must include country code and area code

Example: to find rates to call India - New Delhi you would need to enter country code 91 and area prefix 124 91124 and click 'Get rate'.

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