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Microsoft Teams Integration with our business grade
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Microsoft Teams is a great tool for cooperating with your Team. If you also require an efficient way to communicate with the outside world, place or receive business phone calls, create voice menus, call queues, record calls, get detailed statistical reports and more, look no further than your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing integration with our bespoke mPBX solution.
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Upgrade Microsoft Teams direct routing with
advanced PBX Features

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Call parking

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Microsoft 365

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Hot desking


User reports

By taking advantage of the integration between Microsoft Teams and mPBX, your Microsoft 365 users will be able to call any telephone number directly from Teams! This gives a full business-grade feature set such as call recordings sent directly to your email inbox, automated voice menus, call queuing, call parking, ring and hunt groups, time-based routing and a whole lot more! All from a single user-friendly web portal.

Use all the unified communication functions of Microsoft Teams such as: video calling, screen sharing, group chat, instant messaging, document collaboration and file transfer whilst utilising advanced call reporting, queue statistics, user information and live call wallboards. Powerful...

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A Microsoft Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 license is required, with the additional phone system add-on license, for PSTN services. (Microsoft 365 licenses are purchased separately from within your Microsoft 365 tenancy, or from your Microsoft licensing provider) An mPBX user or SIP trunk channel license must be purchased in addition to the Microsoft Teams integration license. ** A phone number is required for each Microsoft Teams user and must be purchased separately. # Limited time offer - valid for new accounts registered until 31st March 2021 and for the lifetime of those new accounts

TIBG is a registered Microsoft
Tier 1 partner in the United Kingdom

Microsoft Teams direct routing calling is now available for all, whether you are a single user operation or a large enterprise. Integrate your existing Microsoft Teams account* or we can supply and set up all the licences you need and you need. Unlike other service providers offering Microsoft teams, there is no minimum term contract with TIBG, feel free to add new users and update call plans at your convenience without being tied into long contract terms. On top of this, there are no upfront costs for expensive gateways, PBX or session border controllers: simply add your Microsoft Teams users via your user-friendly web portal. Scrap your outdated telephone system and upgrade to a market-leading unified communications platform today, it couldn't be easier...

Modern TIBG Hardware for Cloud Calling certified by Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of a state of the art unified communications platform and increase the flexibility of the supported hardware. Allow your users the option to use physical desk phones or the Teams application with a headset. Benefit from Microsoft Teams certified handsets from Yealink, that include large colour displays, HD voice, POE support and more. Or alternatively, the range of active noise cancelling Jabra Evolve headsets, specifically optimised for the Microsoft Teams application.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Frequently asked questions

Hosted PBX phone system is a service provided online via the internet. It allows you to connect internet phones (VoIP phones) and make/receive phone calls. Hosted PBX also allows configuration of call-flow features to route calls using predefined rules to the required user/extension. TIBG provides an extensive feature set free of charge, including popular features like time of day call routing, voicemail to email, call queues, follow me, voice menus, call recording and much more...
Cloud PBX, IP telecommunications or Virtual office phone system: There are plenty of names for this technology in the telecommunications industry. PBX Stand for “Private Branch Exchange” and in the past allowed local communications within one building or office. A modern telephony service uses the internet to transmit voice and the PBX can be hosted in a data centre or in the cloud. It is basically a set of equipment and software that allows advanced Global call routing functionality.
PBX stands for Private Branch eXchange. In the past, due to a limited number of phone lines being connected to a building, the primary function of PBX was to allow internal calls between system users and for connection of more phones to the system than lines available. Lines were effectively shared among users via PBX. Modern technology nowadays, using VoIP, does not require traditional PSTN lines and uses data links instead. PBX is still widely used, although its primary function is now to improve call handling and user performance via advanced call routing features. Modern cloud PBX is effective software that controls digital voice data.
Hosted PBX is based on Voice over IP. In simple terms, your voice is encoded by the phone and transmitted via the internet to the server with cloud PBX Software. Hosted PBX server, in turn, can perform various tasks with the routing of your call and then pass it to upstream carriers for connection to the dialled destination. Most modern carriers connect to each other using IP data links. This allows for a better quality of sound, more security and reliability.
Unified communications is a set of tools that allow for more efficient communication within your team using various communication channels. Those can be chat, video calls, screen sharing sessions, conference calls, emails, sending files to each other, using various devices to communicate. With hosted PBX, you will be able to use part of the unified communication toolset like video calls, conference calls and email notifications. You can also look at our Microsoft Teams integration option to allow additional Unified communication channels like chat, screen sharing, file transfer and more.

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