At the end of this article, you will be able to select suitable call plans per user by running usage reports. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support department.


Filtering the account usage report

Within the usage details report, there is a range of filters that can be used to fine-tune your account usage in greater detail. The types of filter you have are custom date ranges, caller ID, the number dialled for outbound calls, the call type (inbound, outbound) and the option to select a specific sub-account number or call plan.


To start filtering a usage report login to your customer portal and select the Reports tab from the top menu bar. Click on the usage report from the left-hand menu and you will be present with a usage report since the 1st calendar day of the month without any custom filters in place. Now select the date range in which you wish to return the results for by selecting the date drop-down window, please also note that a maximum of 6 months can be selected, if you require historic reports please contact our support team. Press the apply button and move to the call history window at the bottom of the screen and select and enter in your custom filters as required. It is also important that you press the apply filter button at the end of the row of filters in order to produce the report to show your results. 




Outbound call account reporting per user

One of the most common filters utilised within the account usage reporting is to see if your users or sub-accounts have the most efficient call plan selected. Maybe you have noticed that your monthly bill has started to creep and you would like to locate the source of the usage. We will start with selecting each user from the Account drop-down list and see the total call cost over the last billing cycle (previous calendar month).


User by user we will compare the total call cost for the call type ‘Outbound’ only and compare with the calling plan selected. If the total call cost is higher than the cost of the next call plan subscription, you would be better off upgrading the call plan for that user from within the Order Service tab.


For example, we have selected John from our account drop-down filter for the previous billing cycle. The returned results show the total call cost of 0.00, with the next call plan up being the Unlimited Saver call plan at 7.00 (located from the right-hand view of the Order Services tab previously) we know John is on the correct call plan for his current outbound call usage.



Inbound call account reporting per toll-free number

Similar to the example in the previous section of this guide, you might be in a situation where you would like to see if your toll-free number has the best call plan assigned. The process to review the calling plan would be nearly identical. Select the previous month’s billing cycle, select ‘All’ call types (this will mean any calls diverted to external numbers will be included in the report), then the account number from the drop-down list that is associated with your toll-free number. Next, add the total call cost plus your monthly subscription fee for your assigned call plan together and if the total when combined is greater than the subscriptions for the next call plan up it is worthwhile upgrading.



Exporting filtered reports

To save your filtered reports to a PDF or CSV you will need to select your filters, apply the configuration and press the save report drop-down button. Select your required report type and wait until the report has completely downloaded, please note that depending on the size of your report this process can take up to 5 minutes. It is also essential to make sure you have applied your filter before the report is exported.




Configuring automatic daily reporting


From within your customer portal, you have the option to email a daily report for outbound call statistics, to a single or multiple administrators. Click on the daily reporting button and from here add the administrator(s) you would like to receive the daily report, tick the outbound calls by dialled number option and save. Should you wish to add administrators or update the email address please follow the  link




Watch this in action

The video below will show you a visual representation of the areas covered throughout this knowledge base guide.